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Welcome to the bike/XC-tracks on Hemsön!

Hemsön, in the High Coast, offers beautiful environments and fun trails.  We can recommend different tours, from a few kilometers to 10-20km.

We are developing new paths for your cycling. There are not many people in our area, which contributes to a great sense of freedom.

We will publinsh maps for the area during spring/summer 2020.

Our bikes

We offer you Giant Trance 2 och 3. These bikes are have full suspension and have 29 inch tires - they are made for biking the trails! If you want to bring the bikes with you, we can offer bicycle rack attached to your towbar.

Prices for renting MTB in the High Coast

3 h         |     300kr  (3h 09-12am or 1-4 pm)

1 day     |     500kr

2 days   |     900kr

3 days   |     1200kr

4 days   |     1500kr

5 days   |     1800kr

6 days   |     2100kr

1 week   |     2300kr

The bikes are collected and returned by arrangement. After your ride you are expected to wash the bike at the designated location.

How to get here:

To get to the island, take a car ferry from ”Strinningen”. If you enter ”Hemsö kajak” on Google maps  you will get a correct route guidance to our rental. The ferry departs every 30 minutes and is free.

Please note that you must book a kayak in advance. We are not always in place at the rental. Please mail info@hemsokajak.se, visit our Facebook profile or phone


Important to note

* Bring water for the tour. There is no fresh water available at the rental.

* Bring your cell phone.

* If damage due to negligence occurs on the bike, you are liable for compensation. Check with your insurance company what your home insurance covers in case of damage or loss of leased equipment.

* Do you have knowledge about the right of pubilc access?

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