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Rent kayak and MTB in the High Coast, Sweden

Hemsö kayak rental is located on the beautiful island Hemsön in the High Coast, just north of Härnösand.

Welcome to our rental - a great place to start your adventure in the High Coast. Whether you want to paddle or cycle, we are happy to help.

We can offer you two double kayaks och six single kayaks. The kayaks have spacious storage for packing and are comfortable to sit in. All kayaks have rudder.

We help you plan a suitable trip - from half a day trip to a multi-day tour. Before you start paddling we go through the equipment and we adjust the kayak for your length. We advise you on how to paddle effectively and tell you what happens if you roll over. Furthermore, we also want to inform you about the right of public access. If you have not paddled before, we can accompany you out on the water for a short while.

We can also offer fully suspension MTBs from Giant - on the island and in the High Coast you'll find many great tracks to cycle! Read more about our bike rental >>

How to get here:

To get to the island, take a car ferry from ”Strinningen”. If you enter ”Hemsö kajak” on Google maps  you will get a correct route guidance to our rental. The ferry departs every 30 minutes and is free.

Please note that you must book a kayak in advance. We are not always in place at the rental. Please mail info@hemsokajak.se, visit our Facebook profile or phone


When planning your kayak trip, se weather forecast on SMHI.se.

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Tools for planning your route

Hemsön offers both spectacular sea paddling but also access to more calm waters. Please see seperate PDF-file below for detailed  information. We try to develop a public map gradually. Hopefully you will find places of interest and good tent sites.


3 h          |     400kr    |     (600kr)

1 day      |     500kr    |     (700kr)

2 days    |     800kr    |     (1000kr)

3 days    |     1100kr  |     (1300kr)

4 days    |     1400kr  |     (1600kr)

5 days    |     1700kr  |     (1900kr)

6 days    |     2000kr  |     (2200kr)

1 week   |     2200kr  |     (2500kr)

Price in brackets refers to double kayak. The price includes kayak, spray deck, life jacket and paddle.

Important information:

* Read the folder Right of public access

* You need to bring drinking water. There is no drinking water at our rental.

* You paddle at your own risk.

* You are responsible for rented equipment. You may replace any damage.

* You must be able to swim at least 400 meters.

* Sensitive equipment must be waterproofed.

* You can read full terms here.

Other possibilities at Hemsön:

Restaurant and military fortress on Hemsön:

Do not miss the opportunity to visit a spectacular museum and fortress, a legacy of the Cold War. At the fortress there is also a restaurant with magnificent views of the Bothnian Sea.

More about the High Coast:

For more information about the High Coast, visit High Coast Official Guide.